The Totally Unnecessary Way To Write Quick Notes in Obsidian

# Writing Quick Notes in Obsidian

When using Obsidian I know that having more connections is better. So I often take it upon myself to use Obsidian for everything. Thanks to the plugin system provided by Obsidian, it personalizes the way I use Obsidian and allowed me to do many things that would otherwise be impractical (e.g. getting my TODOs from Todoist). But even with this customizability, sometimes Obsidian just isn’t the right tool for the job. One example is writing quick notes into Obsidian.

When writing quick notes, I’m often in midst of something and I want to jot down something in the most frictionless way possible. With Obsidian, there’s a lot of friction.

Points of Friction in Obsidian (Desktop):

# Fleeting Notes x Obsidian

Although these points seem trivial, I’ve noticed that they add up and have prevented me from writing more notes or even any notes at all. Oftentimes I find that the best ideas come when I’m least prepared to write them down. Therefore I’ve decided to create an entire application called Fleeting Notes. As the name suggests, the app is solely dedicated to writing your fleeting thoughts.

So how is “Fleeting Notes” better than Obsidian? It’s not.

Fleeting Notes enhances Obsidian. It allows me to write quick notes (wth links + backlinks) within my browser and syncs seamlessly with Obsidian through a plugin. Feel free to try it and if you’re interested also join my discord channel.