Quick Notes that Automatically Sync with Obsidian

I’ve said it before, but taking quick notes is a hassle in Obsidian. Fleeting Notes is one of the first apps to tackle this problem and it’s made it easy to take fast and connected short-form notes. Combined with an Obsidian plugin, it quickly has become the go to tool to take quick notes and have them synced with Obsidian.

But it doesn’t end there. Previously, before v0.3.2 of the plugin, sync only occurred after running the “sync command” or by enabling the “sync on startup”. In other words, to trigger the sync, you’d need to manually re-open the application or call the sync command. As of v0.3.2 of the plugin, there is now support for automatic note sync with Obsidian! With this, there is no more need to worry about keeping notes synced!

Auto sync in settings