Put quick notes into Obsidian from anywhere

I was browsing the Obsidian Reddit and noticed posts asking about workflows on how to get quick notes from different devices into Obsidian. To list a few:

# The problem with quick notes

It seems like Obsidian isn’t a great tool for capturing quick notes. In addition, people also seem to be divided on their solution to putting notes into Obsidian. Some people directly put things into Obsidian, some use automation workflows (e.g. Tasker, iOS shortcuts), and others use a third-party app and sync to Obsidian with a script / syncing service (e.g. Syncthing).

It looks like many workarounds are being thrown around, but no real solutions are presented. In my opinion, a real solution would fit all the criteria below:

  1. Build connections within the quick note (like in Obsidian)
  2. Lightweight quick capture of notes
  3. Supports all platforms (iOS, Android, Desktop)
  4. Automatic sync with Obsidian
  5. Easy to setup

# So… I created Fleeting Notes

Fleeting Notes is a scratchpad for connected notes. It’s a solution that fits all the criteria above. It runs on all platforms and supports a plugin that makes it easy to sync your notes to Obsidian. So check it out! I think you’ll like it. :)

Also, join the discord channel if you want to follow my journey.