My ADHD Note-taking Journey

I can’t retain a thought for more than 5 minutes. I always hop into different tasks before finishing them. At the same time, I always want to understand “why” but never get the chance to piece things together thanks to my scattered thoughts. As a divergent thinker, I wanted something to help piece together my random thoughts and make sense of this madness I call my brain.

I’ve tried traditional organizational techniques with folders and tags and never could figure out a good system. It would start off great, but over time, I would create more folders/tags until it became unmanageable. It took far too long to organize a note and I would have a hard time finding notes as well.

Then, I came across Roam Research, a connected note-taking application that revolutionized note-taking for me. It was amazing! I took notes, connected them, reused them, and most importantly they resurfaced themselves when I needed them. But eventually, I moved to Obsidian due to performance issues in Roam Research. I even made a video on how to transfer notes from Roam Research to Obsidian!

After some time, I graduated from college and most of my learning stopped coming from structured courses. Instead, I’d learn things on the go. Perhaps while I was leisurely browsing the web on the toilet or out on a stroll in the park.

I’d come across cool things I wanted to write down but I had nowhere to put them. I tried Obsidian, but slow loading times and the cluttered user interface added too much friction to my workflow. Then I tried Google Keep but I came straight back to my first problem where folders and tags became overwhelming. I needed a system that brought together the speed of Google Keep and the connections within Obsidian.

This is how I came to create Fleeting Notes a note-taking application that combines the speed of Google Keep with the connections within Obsidian. It’s still a work in progress, but I hope to listen to customer feedback and continue to develop the application to eventually become a one-stop shop to quickly capture and connect notes with the option to extend to other note-taking tools.

Anyways, if you want to continue to follow my journey, I’d encourage you to join my discord channel!