Imagine Google Keep with Bi-directional Sync to Obsidian

# Taking quick notes

Obsidian isn’t great for quick notes. There’s additional friction in taking quick notes especially on the mobile app. But, the plugin architecture and backlink support make Obsidian a powerful note-taking tool that’s customizable to one’s needs.

On the other hand, Google Keep is a great note-taking application for jotting quick notes. However, it lacks backlink support and is not nearly as customizable as Obsidian.

Each serve it’s own purpose, but there’s a great opportunity here, and that is: quick notes with hassle-free sync to Obsidian.

# Bi-directional sync with Fleeting Notes

As of 0.2.0 Fleeting Notes now supports bi-directional sync with Obsidian through the Fleeting Notes Plugin. Notes updated in Fleeting Notes will be synced to Obsidian and vice versa. To enable this functionality, go to the plugin settings and set the sync type to “Two-way sync”.

Note: If you’ve already installed the plugin you may need to reset the note template so it contains all the metadata needed for sync.

Here’s a 5 second video of me updating the plugin settings: