How to take Fleeting 'programming' Notes in Obsidian

While programming, I often spend a lot of time searching for things that I already know. Which is why taking programming notes can be so useful. It creates a personalized “cache” of notes. But how do I create meaningful programming notes that I can always go back to? Well stay here to find out!

To create programming notes, I always start off with a title. I typically start with “how to” and end with “in {insert relevant language / framework}”. This title succinctly explains the solution to the problem and makes searching easy. For example: “How to center a div in javascript”.

Then I create step-by-step instructions on how to solve the particular “how to”. While writing, I keep things as dumb as possible because I know my future self will have no idea what I’m writing about. Typically I:

For more complicated notes, I take advantage of linking notes. With linking, I reduce the amount I need to write in the note by expanding on the context in another note. The powerful thing about this is that I can reuse my notes just like how I reuse functions while coding!

So where does Obsidian come into this? Well with the Fleeting Notes app, notes can be synced with Obsidian through the FN plugin. This way all notes taken within the Fleeting Notes will be automatically transferred into Obsidian!