How to optimize note-taking for retention

In the world of marketing, retaining users is often more valuable than attaining users. The same could be said about knowledge. It’s often more valuable to retain knowledge rather than acquire new knowledge. But thanks to content overload from the internet, we’re constantly bombarded with new information from various sources. It’s difficult for us to retain knowledge when we’re constantly acquiring new knowledge.

The solution to this problem is simple—regularly review past concepts. The issue many have with regular reviews is that it’s cumbersome, hard to re-discover important/relevant information, and it’s not fun.

# How I Re-discover My Notes

A method I found more sustainable compared to other methods (e.g. Anki) is to organize my notes through the connection of ideas. As I write new notes, I would add links to concepts that I’ve created in the past. This linkage of ideas improves learning and introduces past concepts that are relevant. With this system, I’ve effectively made review a component of my note organization. For more information on my note organization workflow see my workflow for managing notes.