A Home Widget (iOS / Android) for Fleeting Notes

Let me get this straight, I love link-based note-taking apps, the features, the plugins, and the community. Everything is fantastic, except for the speed of taking notes. For this reason, many people use other apps for quick capture (e.g. Apple Notes, Google Keep).

These apps solve the problem of quick capture, but, don’t integrate well with Obsidian (I use Obsidian personally). Since I’m not up for manually transferring notes from a quick capture app to Obsidian, I decided to create an alternative: Fleeting Notes. Fleeting Notes is essentially Google Keep but with wikilinks and Obsidian integration.

Recently, I made a poll in my discord channel to ask for what features to add. To my surprise, a feature that I didn’t even put on the list won the poll by an overwhelming amount: home screen widgets. Since it was so popular, I figured that people within the Obsidian community might benefit from a post like this.

# How to add a home widget and set up sync

  1. Download Fleeting Notes on your device (iOS or Android)
  2. Add the home widget on iOS or Android
  3. Install the Fleeting Notes plugin within Obsidian and set up sync, or just setup local sync with the filesystem
  4. Take notes from the home widget and watch them populate in Obsidian

# Android Example

# iOS Example

# A small but IMPORTANT caveat

If you decide to use Fleeting Notes across multiple platforms, you’ll be forced to re-login when switching between devices. To avoid re-logging in when switching devices, you’ll need to subscribe to the basic plan.