The Best Way to take Youtube Notes for Obsidian

Right now, taking notes from Youtube (YT) to Obsidian sucks. To take YT notes, I need to manually copy the timestamp of the video, annotate the video with the correct timestamp, and put all of this in Obsidian. If I don’t keep track of the timestamp, coming back to the video requires me to sift through the video to find where my note is referencing. I don’t like this manual work so I decided to add a better way in Fleeting Notes (FN).

When taking Youtube notes in Fleeting Notes, the YT timestamp is automatically added to the source URL. This way timestamps are located within the links themselves. And thanks to youtube’s timestamp feature, videos play at the exact time specified within the link. Additionally, I can turn on a setting that automatically fills the source URL when I add a note. Which further simplifies this process.

When combined with the automatic Obsidian sync, I don’t need to worry about capturing the timestamp, URL or integrating the note to my knowledge base. I can finally focus on the one thing that matters–writing notes.