The Best Browser Extension for Obsidian

A big pain point some people have with Obsidian is the difficulty in capturing content from the web directly into Obsidian. Although there are solutions like Raindrop, Hypothesis, or any note-taking browser extension, it’s often tiresome to integrate these web clippings or highlights directly into your vault. To top it off, these browser extensions don’t support one of Obsidian’s key feature: building connections between notes

Fleeting Notes was built ground up with Obsidian in mind. The app seamlessly syncs with Obsidian through a plugin and has a quick interface for taking notes and building connections. In addition, it supports the one feature you’d expect from a web clipper. Which is highlighting text directly from the web and automatically storing the source URL. If you’re more of a side-by-side note-taking sort of person, there is also an option to open a persistent window to take notes without having to reopen the app.

Anyways, I’d love to hear your feedback and if you didn’t really need this or if you’ll be using this ASAP! I’ll be hovering the comment section. See ya :)